CH-47 Chinook Hupp Kits


Part Number Description
HKH47-0099 100 Hour Inspection Kit
HKH47-0100 200 Hour CSP Kit
HKH47-0101 400 Hour CSP Kit
HKH47-0101A 400 Hour APU CSP Kit
HKH47-0101B 400 Hour Engine CSP Kit
HKH47-0103 Main Wheel w/Nameplate Kit
HKH47-0104 714 Engine Tail Pipe Repair Kit
HKH47-0105 Link Assembly Kit
HKH47-0110 FWD 1200 Hour Rotor Head Inspection Kit
HKH47-0111 AFT 1200 Hour Rotor Head Inspection Kit
HKH47-0112 CH-47 Cargo Hook Electric Shop Kit
HKH47-0113 CH-47 Light Compatibility Kit
HKH47-0114 Fuel Cell Phase (Includes ERFS II MOD) Kit
HKH47-0115 Main Fuel Cell Replacement (1 Main Fuel Cell) Kit
HKH47-0117 Engine Field (TB) Kit
HKH47-0118 Engine RESET ESRA Kit
HKH47-0124 FWD XMSN Kit
HKH47-0125 AFT XMSN Kit
HKH47-0130 Combining (C-Box) XMSN Kit
HKH47-0131 Engine XMSN Parts Kit
HKH47-0132 Swashplate Overhaul Kit
HKH47-0141 FWD 1200 Hour Swashplate Kit (MOD)
HKH47-0142 FWD 1200 Hour Swashplate Kit (MOD)

Please feel free to contact one of our Business Development Team Members for kit specifications and ordering information for any of our CH-47 Chinook Helicopter HUPP KITs.

Business Development Manager
Eastern Region

Andrew Johnson
Phone 843-290-6081
Business Development Manager
Western Region

Myles Williams
Phone 562-715-3111
Business Development Manager

Bill Query
Phone 931-561-5073