MRO – Maintenance Repair Overhaul

MRO Tailored Kitting SolutionsHupp Aerospace / Defense serves the MRO market with a variety of supply chain services and tailored kitting solutions. Everything from integrated prime vendor services with on-site kitting to forecast driven just-in-time (JIT) tailored kit deliveries where and when you need them. With our HUPP KITs® you eliminate part supply problems, help LEAN your operation through more efficient procurement, parts handling methods, and lower inventory costs.

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer

OEM Tailored Kitting Solutions

We are in a prime position to support the needs of the OEM. Our Aftermarket Kitting Programs provide the OEM a new revenue stream and ensure customer utilization of 100% genuine OEM parts. Kitting is a perfect match to reach your customers with any upgrade, modification or warranty issues. Our production line kitting capability has considerable LEAN benefit. Hupp also offers complete DoD aftermarket distribution and bidding services. You save time, effort and resources that can be directed toward other core activities when Hupp becomes your DoD aftermarket distributor.

Fleet Operators

Fleet Operators Tailored Kitting SolutionsThe same benefits that Hupp has been providing to the DoD for years are now available to commercial fleet operators.  Hupp offers fleet operators all the cost benefits of an integrated supplier, including lower inventory costs and higher turns. Tailored kitting further adds to operational efficiencies and LEAN process improvement fleet wide.

DoD – Department of Defense

DoD Tailored Kitting Solutions Our trademark HUPP KITs® have supported those who serve our country for more than 15 years. Kits designed for component repair, phase maintenance and RESET have become the DoD standard in reliability, quality and cost savings. Hupp is the leading supplier of maintenance kits to the DoD.